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 Fantasy Character sheets- Vampires from Anime Galaxy

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Character sheet
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Fantasy Character sheets- Vampires from Anime Galaxy Empty
PostSubject: Fantasy Character sheets- Vampires from Anime Galaxy   Fantasy Character sheets- Vampires from Anime Galaxy Empty9th June 2014, 7:46 pm

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Name: Yuji Tsukiyomi
Age: 20
Personality: Kind stubborn, moody when you get her deeply hurt and can get really angry and start fighting. She is usually reserved and won't make the first move as she was taught to avoid unnecessary quarrels but she likes to help out people. She dislikes part of herself after a certain incident with her mother which caused her to be bitter at times but is usually joyful.  She is very competitive and hates losing but enjoys having fun even if it means losing, as well as making new friends. Though she is usually shy when making new friends, but contradicts herself when she lets her stubbornness enter and jumps into something that she will either regret or not. She really loves her friends and those that she befriends as she is protective over them and enjoys learning many things, whether it be a lesson on history or a new way of fighting. Yuji is understanding depending on the situation, smart in some cases that involves thinking of a certain situation and doesn't like death at all, especially when it means losing someone close to her.
Gender: Female
Born from a man and women, Yuji never met her father only her mother, who was a human and a rare one at that since there were rarely any humans left that would marry or even have a vampire child in their womb. Yuji is a rare type of child for she has more vampire abilities than human as she ages slower than most. She still has her human abilities and doesn't require much blood. Thus her mother’s always kept close to her fearing that her vampire blood might break lose and hurt others. Because of her slow aging she was looked at as a freak and weirdo, after she was seen drinking blood from an animal, rather than a human, causing panic, confusion, and fear as many of the town’s children avoided her and as a result she was kept at home. But to Yuji's peaceful life came a dark ark for what she had seen devastated her coming home one day. Seeing Vampires, her own kind kill her mother brutally as she was coming home after feeling the need to drink blood and more frequently than she usually did that day. She stopped when she opened the door and hid at the sight before her eyes. She looked at her mother and saw the look in her mother that told her to stay away. Yuji felt the need to go in and help her mother but knew she couldn't having no combat experience. She wanted to help but did as her mother’s eyes told her as she saw one of the vampire’s bite her mother and her mother’s scream scared Yuji, the vampires then left with satisfaction in their eyes.

Yuji went back inside and saw her mother’s lifeless body and went to her and hugged her causing her to cry at losing the only parent and family she knew. She began to cry as her face became stained with her mother’s blood and many of the town’s people arrived to see her covered in blood, and her mother dead in her arms. Many towns’ people then feared her as they saw her fangs but they didn’t see her tears for they were mixed in with the blood in her face. They let the scene guide them, rather than the crying child; many came to fear her and called her a blood luster because of the great deal of blood she drank from the dead animals they saw in the nearby forest. Yuji would have become distant and would have held a grudge if it wasn’t for a family that believed in her innocence and raised her like her mother wanted to, without violence and only peace in her life. Yet she was taught to fight and defend herself as her blood lusting days for the large amounts of blood started to diminish, but even so many of the towns people still called her a blood luster regardless and out of fear.

The family Yuji was taken into and raised in taught her what her mother did,’ no matter what happens to always have your head held high, no matter what anyone says or tells you’. Yuji was happy and content that she was loved like she was with her mother but still missed her as that tragic day still hurt her. She learned to love others and not be afraid of what others said and the humans regardless of their fear for them. She had retained her heart and innocence that she had for her mother as she helps other from the want to do so. She is hesitant however to approach any other vampires or half-breeds like her, as the memory of her mother’s face and scream still haunt her, but she has learned to let the once grudge go of the past as she lives in the present but feels something is missing, maybe the fact that she never met her father and blames him for what happened to her mother not knowing why she never met him or how he is.

While in her village she had learned to fight, what styles she learned vary in many aspects since she didn't have many mentors. Yuji did however, learn quickly by looking at others fight and find the weak spots to copy or adapt in her own style. She isn't the strongest there is, but she will get there and when she does she will use her power to help those she cares about.


Hair Color: pink with blue tips at the end
Hair Length: Waist length
Eye Color: dark blue/midnight blue
Skin Tone: very light peach color
Body Build: slim-ish, but also a little athletic
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Attire: She usually has on a pair of blue jeans, a silver cross choker, and star earrings. Her shirt consists on a white shirt, and a blue tank top that matches her eyes underneath her white shirt. Her shoes are simple light blue shoes that let her walk a long distance at ease. At times when needed she has a thin black scrunchie that she would use to tie her hair, so it won't get in the way during a fight.  At times her attire changes depending on the situation(refer to picture for second outfit.)
Overall Style:  


Beginning Weapon: Sword  
Beginner Skill: Split speed- A small speed boost that uses the tip of the foot to add speed. Instead of taking a full step, you take a half-step(tip of the foot) that allows you to have a slight increase in speed when you take the half-step.


(You have *24* points to spend on your starting stats. No stat can be higher than 12 at level one.)


Just a sample of an old character of mine. It is mine, so please don't steal her as she is my other self. ^^"
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Fantasy Character sheets- Vampires from Anime Galaxy
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