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 Character sheets from Anime Otaku Roleplay and anime roleplay world

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Character sheet
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Character sheets from Anime Otaku Roleplay and anime roleplay world Empty
PostSubject: Character sheets from Anime Otaku Roleplay and anime roleplay world   Character sheets from Anime Otaku Roleplay and anime roleplay world Empty9th June 2014, 8:07 pm

These ARE characters I created so don't steal, as I use these to roleplay. You may however use these characters to gather ideas about what type of character you may want to create and more. :3

name: Oui  VerSaillez
Gender: female
Eye color: emerald green
Hair color: white silver
Height:  5' 2"
Age: ???? (Appears to be 16 years old)
Personality: cold, flirtatious(when needed), is kind to those she meets but is calculating when her life or those that are near her are in danger. She likes danger and pain as she has been used to the darkness of her birth and family for too long. She likes to mess around but it gullible at times which ties in to her cold nature when she figures out the other person's motives. She enjoy's wearing clothes that are tight and stick to her body, as it makes her more appealing. Loves sweet blood and cute men, as they are usually the ones with the sweetest blood she can get.
Figue: A thin figure that seems to resemble that of a living doll.
Attire: A whte sleeved lolitta dress with black and white lacing. The dress itself is a emerald green that matches her eyes. She wears black platform shoes:  
Bio: Unknown. (More will be added as things go on.)

This one was a popular character I played. ^^" Idk why oh and he's taken, just and FYI(none of my characters are claimed by another except for Yuji and Kaz[Since Kaz ended up with a shoujo girl])

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Kaz (Kazue)
Age: (Appears to be 19 but age is  unknown)
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Vampire
Bloodline: Vampire
Dark past: his fiancée was kidnapped and drugged to enjoy herself being raped and abused by vampires that hated and wanted to kil;l Kaz. Having witnessed his fiancée be raped and enjoy it set him up in rage that not only awakened his powers as he killed the vampires that kidnapped his fiancée. He killed and drained her body of blood, in the process he made her a vampire without knowing.

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 160
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Hair: Short kept and neat pink hair
Body Type: Slim, slender with small muscle build.
Apperace:Usually seen wearing a white dress shirt that is buttoned up, except the top four buttons. Wearing silver cross necklace with a ruby embedded in the middle of it. He alternates wearing black or blue jeans. Lastly he wears a pair of white shoes that complete his outfit.
Personality: Quiet, Cynical at times, calculative, playful towards people he’s close. Cautious when he knows there is danger, smart in situations, and at times he’s perverted but he wouldn’t do it as often as he is more reserved. He likes to keep to himself, and not drag others in the situations, after losing everything he had.  He holds a deep distrust and grudge on high ranking vampires who he is a target to. He dislikes woman with a passion, after being betrayed and hurt by his supposed other half, so he is distrusting towards them.
Extra Info: (Optional)
Origins: Unknown
Current Kingdom: Unknown
The Background
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Character sheets from Anime Otaku Roleplay and anime roleplay world
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